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Our Suppliers

Multi Commerce partnered up with the best companies worldwide to bring the products to its customers. With the help of our partners, we are able to provide a great products and provide all the services they need.



MASTERRIND is a modern company that combines four successful cooperative organizations with great tradition: SRV, WEU, PRN, and ZEH. And it is the No.1 live cattle export company in Germany. Supported by a dense network of motivated and competent employees, MASTERRIND offers solutions for cattle farmers out of one hand. This means maximum success for all members and customers in breeding, marketing, reproduction management and acquisition of equipment for successful dairy and beef farming. With headquarters in Verden and regional centers in Meissen and Bad Zwischenahn, MASTERRIND assists more than 8,500 farmers with approximately 619,700 Herd Book cows of the Holstein breed and almost 11,000 Herd Book cows of different beef breeds.



Ever since its founding in 1921, Heemskerk has been a family business with a rich tradition in livestock farming as well as worldwide purchase and sale of livestock. From generation-togeneration Heemskerk has accumulated a vast knowledge and experience. In this highly specialized line of business. This is a great advantage, from which we and our clients profit every day. Meanwhile Heemskerk has set up and assisted projects in several developing countries. This has resulted in independently operating cattle farms with about 50 to 5,000 head of cattle, which are being coached by local specialists.



Stamey Cattle Company is a leader in the export of breeding cattle from USA, with more than 40 years of experience in 35+ countries. Markets include Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador and many others.

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